Refreshing my kimono wardrobe


We still have some cold days once in a while, but it's getting warmer and warmer every day!

Now that I do not have to think about the cold weather as in the mid-winter, it's time to refresh my kimono wardrobe.

Generally speaking, Cherry blossom is one of the signs for starting the new life, and as well as the end of winter.

I personally feel that Kimono is warmer than western clothes, I decided to clean up my winter kimono.

Things that I can not wash by myself, such as silk and wool combined will be going to the cleaning, so I will set that aside.

other kimonos such as heavy cotton, wool, and washable silk, It will be going into my washing machine and a tub for hand washing.

When it's neat and clean, it will be nicely put into paper sleeves.

cotton, wool, silk, half kimono, full-length kimono, and haori jackets, man, that's a lot.

I will see these lovely kimonos in next winter.

I like the combination of haori jacket and hakama pants, but a normal haori jacket will be too hot for the upcoming season, so I would like to enjoy with sleeveless haori and thin silk gauze haori!

Gonna make a new haori, since I've already got the fabric ready, and this situation with lockdown might be a good time to stay indoors and do my homework.