Being an ideal Japanese

Hi, my name is Fuhito.

I am the National Government Licensed English Tour Guide in Kimono, who can take you to a wonderful trip around Japan!

If you are expecting an extraordinary experience in Japan, I am the man you are looking for.

You can choose your tour from popular site seeing spots to places off the beaten track.

Experience of living in the United states

I was born and raised in the country side of Tokyo, but I have spent 3 and half years abroad when I was a child.

Since Japan is homogeneous, you don’t really have to prove that you are Japanese because you are surrounded by other Japanese people.

But once you go abroad, it a different story.

While I was abroad, I experienced many thing on different culture, and I realized that I know so little about my own country.

I was a “foreigner” to American kids, and once they found that I am from Japan, they would ask me tons of questions such as;
“Where are you from?”
“What is Japan?”
“What is the difference between Japan and China?”
“What is the population?”
“What kind of letters do Japanese people use?”
“How do you say hello in Japanese?”

There are not so many things that 10 year old could answer, and back then I couldn’t speak any English.

But this occasion made me think.

“If I can not introduce anything about Japan, what makes me Japanese?”

Since then, I got interested in Japan myself, and started to do many research.

As I learn many things about Japan, I became more attracted to Japanese history, culture and custom which made me want to live like ideal Japanese in some way.

Back in Japan.

The place where you can automatically be Japanese.

My next turning point came when I was in university.

I decided to join the volunteer guide group in Tokyo, and as I introduce things of Japan, I found myself being happy to see my friends and guests getting more interested about Japan.

Then, this question comes again.

What makes me Japanese?

How about looking like Japanese by wearing our national costume!

Hey, being a Japanese guy in Kimono might be interesting!

Beginning of my Kimono life

So I bought myself a Kimono, and wore them to university as my daily outfit.

obviously, people around me gave me a strange gaze at me.

Some people said that I look like a martial artist.

Neighboring Mothers said they will be ashamed if I were her son.

But my mother, she said “Do what you want, be proud of your self”

Thanks mom!

Then I thought, ”I want to be a Japanese who looks great in Kimono.”

In order to be fashionable in Kimono, I needed the experience of wearing.

I started to practice wearing the Kimono, by reading the books, asking questions at kimono shops, searching internet, and more.

Becoming the real guide.

Now that I’m able to look like an ideal Japanese, I need to be the real guide.

To tell the truth, I am not so big on studying when it comes to histories, names of people, what happened in when and so on.

But I did my best, and thank god, I successfully passed the national exam to become a national licensed tour guide.

But just passing this exam does not make you a good guide.

You have to have a wide knowledge on every field, and be able to introduce that knowledge in interesting way, so that the guests can enjoy.

In order to be a good guide, I have to keep on studying until the very end of my life.

This was another beginning of my life as a guide.

Being a unique guide

I remember this comment which one of my guest said to me.

“I expected more Japanese people wearing Kimono, but in reality, there are only few, or it’s very rare to see Japanese people in Kimono”

“Where is Ninja? where is Samurai?”

Well then, Let me take that role, and be one of the ideal Japanese person in Kimono.

Guide in their traditional kimono, this can be one of your memory as it self.

Think about it, if you see your guide who is dressed in normal cloth, you will only think that this guy will be our guide today, and that’s it.

But what if that guide is wearing Kimono?
Maybe you will go;
“Wait, there is someone who looks like a samurai!”
“Are you our guide?”
“How come you are dressed like that?”
“Are you comfortable in that?”
“How is that made?”

In less than 10 min, we should be enjoying a nice conversation.

If you can start out with a nice conversation, we can enjoy our trip more and more.

And when you are back to your country, you will share your experience of making a friend who looks like a samurai.

My goal is the be an ideal Japanese, and an entertaining guide

Being a guide is not just introducing history or culture, its presenting your guest a fantastic trip with great experience.

By that, making the guests think that their trip to Japan was unforgettable, and want to visit again.

We guides are citizen diplomat, making friends with our guests, and bringing peace by considering each other.

Since I started to think like this, I have been involved in many cultural exchange programs such as walking tour, sister city relationship, delegation programs and homestay programs.

I first started out as a volunteer guide and interpreter in Tokyo, but now I am certified as national guide interpreter, and have been traveling around Japan to obtain more knowledge.

I also love to take photos of beautiful scenery, people and traditional things.

I am more than happy to take your photos for you while you are in Japan.

There are so many memories that you can remember from single photo.

Visit my insta-gram, and if you find something interesting, feel free to contact me.

We can even go to photogenic places to take some photos together!

I always enjoy guiding and willing to contribute to your wonderful trip with very best of my hospitality.

When you have a chance to travel around Japan, please feel free to ask me anything!

We will surely have a great time together.

Looking forward to see you in Japan!