Tango no Sekku, the boys festival!

It's the 5th of May!

Today is the Tango no sekku, the boys festival AKA iris festival.
This is one of my favourite photos of Takayama.


You can tell that this was taken in this season because of the carp streamer.

It's also the changing point of the season and many parents will have some decorations wishing their boys will grow safe and sound.

So today, I am having some Kashiwa mochi, the rice cake filled with red bean jam, with some green tea.

matcha tea

As I look back, I remember my parents and grandparents had thought many wishes on me and had their decorations out.

Here are the photos of me when I was young.

Tango no sekku

This photo was taken at the grandparent's home of the mother's side.

I can see the carp streamer, a hanging scroll of a waterfall, small decoration of the samurai helmet, a toy carp streamer for me to swing around, and me being unusually quiet.

Tango no sekku

This photo was taken at the grandparent's home of the father's side.

I can see samurai helmet and armour, carp streamer, swords, bow and arrows, fans, and some guardian dolls. And of course, me being unusually quiet.

I think these are great photos.

Memories that can warm your heart even after decades from when it was taken are such a treasure.

I think every parent who has a child should take as many photos as they can, and maybe your child might thank you after more than 30 years.

These decorations each have a meaning for wishing safe growth, for example;

A carp streamer wishes safe and healthy growth and promotion, as we have a legend which says a carp which succeded to swim up the waterfall can change into a dragon and rise up to the sky.


Also, a carp is a very strong fish that can live in both a clear river and a muddy pond, which means the parents wish their child will grow strong as they can live in any circumstances.

Re-experiencing what you did in your childhood may open another point of perspective to enjoy your life.

I would like to live a life by enjoying each season and sharing the joy with my friends and guests.