Soba noodle restaurant where you can enjoy simplicity

Today, I went to one of my favorite soba noodle restaurants.


We have been using this restaurants for 3 generations from my grandparents' days.

You can actually see them make soba noodles if you go on the right time.


When I was a child, seeing the soba being made was one of the entertainment while we waited for our orders to be delivered.

Back then I always had a triple set of soba, but now, it's always the duck meat Soba.

So, this time I am going to have something else.

hmmm...Let me see...what should I have today.

This restaurant has three types of seats; table seats, tatami seats with small tables, and seats in the tatami room.


Today, we were in table seats.

The seats in tatami mat also looks very Japanese.

Yeah, If you are able to sit there without your legs going to sleep.


Soba noodle restaurants are very easy to find in Japan and have been loved by everybody.

This time, I decided to have soba noodle with grated yam.

The table seat had a hook from a traditional hearth as an ornament.


A hook with wooden fish is a typical design for the Japanese hearth.

Why fish?

The reason why we have wooden fish is related to people's wish to prevent fire.

Japanese traditional architecture is mainly built with wood, paper and clay.

But the fire is necessary for living, cooking and boiling water. yet, most thing we had to prevent is the buildings catching on fire.

So, this belief of putting something related to water above the fire, will prevent buildings from catching fire spread quickly across Japan.

The fish-shaped roof tiles on the castle are also from this beliefe.

We do hope this beliefe works.

Now, my soba is ready!


This is the soba noodle with grated yam and a raw egg.


And this is the Soba noodle with duck meat.

There are several types in the thickness of the noodle and this will be a thick noodle that can be found in the countryside.

The mixture of grated yam and raw egg might be difficult for foreigners to try, but this is one of my favorite.


After you enjoy your soba, the waitress will bring you this.

It is the hot water used for boiling the noodles which still contains nutritions.

You can mix this hot water to your soba soup to make it mild and enjoy until the last sip from your bowl.

Soba noodle restaurants are often in a very traditional style, so if you are looking for something Japanese, it might be a good choice to enjoy Japanese culture!