First visit to the Shrine

Time flies like an arrow and half of the month have already past!
People in Japan often goes to shrine to celebrate new year.

I was going back and forth between Nagoya and Kyoto, so I have visited one in both city.
In Kyoto, I visited Kamigamo shrine.

Since this shrine is little far from Kyoto station, we have less chance to take our guests, but its one of the beautiful shrine with a comfortable atmosphere.

It was crowded with people who came to make a wish, and have there fortune told.


Omikuji, the fortune telling slip, is not something that just tells you your fortune, but it is an opportunity to change your behavior. Even if you have a great fortune, you can't be too sure of yourself and will have to keep up.

This small mountain of sands are a primitive shrine, a sacred object which dwells special power.

According to the zodiac symbols, this year is the year of mouse.
There was a Mosaic art of mouse dressed in traditional cloth made from pieces of pottery.
I don't know if this is showing the spirit of recycling, but I think we should be looking forward for saving earth through recycling and reducing waste.

I love how this red bridge blends in to the green of the nature.
Red is very fancy and loud color, but it matches the natural color, and I like how Japanese culture aims harmony.

After visiting Kamigamo shrine, I walked along the river in the dusk which was a bit cold, but in a great atmosphere.

The scenery arounds you are blending into the darkness, making the border unclear.
We Japanese people tends to feel fascinated when we see something ambiguous.

After coming back to Nagoya, I visited Atsuta Shrine.
I would like to share that on my next post.